We offer a comprehensive approach to GBV and victim empowerment. We target communities focusing on matters related to Gender Based Violence and Femicide. In implementing our program, we are centered around the interventions suggested by the National Strategic Plan on GBV which are:

  • Urgently respond to victims and survivors of GBV.
  • Broadening access to justice for survivors.
  • Changing social norms and behaviour through high-level awareness-raising and prevention campaigns.
  • Strengthening existing architecture and promoting accountability.
  • The creation of more economic opportunities for women who are vulnerable to abuse because of poverty.

One of our key projects focuses on bringing to light issues surrounding women’s empowerment. It is aimed at promoting women’s empowerment through gender mainstream participation, this is to be done through the promotion of women’s participation through capacity building and skills training. This will also be achieved through the promotion of women’s participation in capacity building and training in advanced gender equality, equity, and empowerment of women, ensuring the elimination of all kinds of violence against women, children, those with disabilities and older persons.

In our communities, women encounter unequal hardships caused by poverty, cultural barriers and gender inequality as a result of gender roles that have been stretched beyond traditional limits to meet the new domestic, social and economic needs of the modern family and local community. It is important for women to take the main role in domestic decision-making in whatever way they can to provide an income for their families, regardless of having men present in the household. Women have always been at the forefront of emergency care and social recovery efforts at the community level, often playing active public roles to influence and mobilize support.

  • We provide psychological support services to victims of abuse, suicidal and distressed persons Early intervention services with long-term benefits (advocacy, knowledge sharing, workshops, coaching and mentoring).
  • Collaborative partnership with other departments and CSOs to offer easy access to survivor-centered services.

  •  Community mobilization coordination of institutional changes that challenge harmful social norms.

  •  Improving social fabric and family cohesion through the provision of economic opportunities for survivors of GBV.


Ambassadors 4 Change, ‘hereto referred to as A4C’, identified the challenge of drug abuse in communities within the Ngaka Modiri Molema District.  A4C conducted research to establish the degree of the challenge within these communities and engage with the North West Provincial Department of Social Development to develop a way forward to address this challenge. A4C has developed a drug education programme in direct response to the growing number of youth who have fallen victim to substance abuse. The programme was developed to offer substance abuse prevention based on youth-centered education and awareness intervention. We tackle drug abuse by offering programmes based on youth-centered education and awareness intervention.

The programme also includes community mobilization, support, participation, intervention, and mass and digital media campaigns. The intervention approach takes into account the critical need for family and community-based support structures. Substance abuse is an enormous social problem in South Africa. Rates of illicit drug use are particularly high among young people. Hence a need for an integrated holistic programme that would effectively address substance abuse problems among the youth.

Our value offering includes the management of the entire life cycle of the programme which includes:
•    Undertaking necessary research  to customize the programme
•    Training of stakeholders
•    Management and coordination of the implementation process
•    Development of related behavioural change communication
•    Monitoring and evaluation during the programme life cycle and
•    Skills transfer and ongoing advisory support to ensure sustainability

We Provide:

  • Educational campaigns: increase awareness on substance abuse, distribution, harm reduction

  • Reintegration of users into the community by rebuilding the bridges of trust

  • Skill provision for users of substances

  • School Holiday Camp Program to raise awareness of Substance abuse, and other societal issues

  • Substance abuse awareness & campaigns in communities

  • School educational programs

  • Support groups for distressed individuals


Ambassadors 4 Change implements a crime prevention programme through a multi-phase method of implementation. The client(s) is registered into the organization database through an intake process which will access the needs of the client and assign a specific programme that will meet the client’s needs. The client(s) will undergo vulnerability and risk assessments to enable the provision of holistic and comprehensive services.

The identified program will be implemented by a trained facilitator who will conduct the I AM CHANGE programme for a noted period of time and asses the client’s performance, behavioural change and needs. The facilitator has a full understanding of the role he/she is meant to play, its responsibilities and the programme implementation processes.

  • The programme sessions are held at the centre/school and or community venue for 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • The programme sessions run for individual sessions and group sessions of 5 to 15 individuals. Participants in the group engagement should be of the same age group (e.g. preteens 12 years and under, teens 13 to 19 years).  In a group set-up, it is key to have an agreement from participants on their roles and responsibilities such as; being on time, allowing equal opportunity to each member, and respect
  • Group discussions — Students need the chance to express themselves,to be heard, and to hear others. This helps them to develop their verbal and listening skills.
  • Through group work and activities, participants will be able to build teamwork, foster unity and build a cohesive solution-positioned group.

We Provide:

  • Educational campaigns: increase awareness of substance abuse, distribution, harm reduction.
  • Reintegration of users into the community by rebuilding the bridges of trust.
  • Anti-Gang and Anti-Bullying Awareness and campaigns.
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